Restoration & Repairs

Fine restoration and repolishing of antique and period furniture. Modern furniture repaired and refinished to showroom condition

Restoring and re-polishing Antique and Modern Furniture

Bring old tired-looking furniture back to life. Compleat restoration and repair service using Traditional skills and methods. With 38 years experience in Antique and Contemporary Furniture Repairs.
I will carry out Small repairs at your home or business, all other work is carried out at the workshop in Knebworth.

Repairs and Restoration

When restoring antique furniture with real provenance, generally less is more. Therefore the original patina is retained and revived wherever possible. Because unnecessary work will often de-value a piece. However I often do more due to shrinkage of timber, old glues drying out, sun or water damage and general wear and tear. I can match and replace wood, blistered veneers and relay missing veneers, I always match and replaced using traditional methods and glues. I restore Modern furniture to showroom condition. From small repair jobs to complete restoration projects, I can offer exhalant services and solutions.

I also offer a full refinishing service including French Polishing

restoration and repair Mahogany chest Restoration

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