French Polishing

Fine restoration and repolishing of antique and period furniture. Modern furniture repaired and refinished to showroom condition

A full range of wood finishing services

You can be sure of a high-quality professional French Polishing service.  Because of 38 years experience working with Antique and contemporary furniture.

I can remove ugly ring marks, heat marks and from table tops and cabinet tops on site. Although stripping and fully repolishing pieces is normally done in my Knebworth workshop. I use Traditional French Polishes and waxes to finish antique furniture. Returning Modern furniture to showroom condition using modern lacquers and coatings. Matt, satin and gloss finishes are available as required.

Preparation is key to ensure the quality of the final result. I always neutralise stripped surfaces and dewax existing finishes. I use water, oil and spirit stains including my own recipe stipples, to achieve colour matching. Steaming to remove indentations and scratches, bleaching where necessary. Liming for some oak furniture and colour washing as required help to achieve the perfect result.

French polishing is a wood finishing technique that results in a very high gloss surface, with a deep colour and chatoyancy. Many consider the finish to be among the most beautiful ways to finish highly figured wood.

Using a high-quality shellac, many coats are applied to your furniture. Then polishing the surface to a deep lustre. The shellac forms a hard surface on your furniture, providing more protection than ordinary polish.

Traditional French Polishing
Colour Matching
Oiling and Hard Waxing
Modern Lacquer finishes
Decorative Finishes like Liming

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